IPM Approach for
Leatherjacket Control in Turf Sports

The emergency summit for IPM Approach for Leatherjacket Control in Turf Sports takes place on Wednesday 14th July! This is a half-day virtual event.

Leatherjacket larvae are causing extensive damage to turf – this year, these pests have reached an all-time high, thanks to a lack of effective chemical pesticides, and the fact that they have thrived in quiet, unused areas during the COVID pandemic.

There is no quick fix to this problem but, in recent years, beneficial nematodes have established themselves as a biological, environmentally friendly solution for these turf pests.

Join us to learn how to address cultural, physical, mechanical, chemical, and biological pest control in the golf/sports turf and amenity sector – with a particular focus on the effective management of leatherjackets (crane fly larvae) and chafer grubs.

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