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Food Security, Regulatory Challenges, Crop Protection, Consumer Demand

Professor Shashi Sharma, Independent Consultant – Global Food Security, Biosecurity and Planetary Health
Food Security: The Role and Importance of Biopesticides

Dr Willen Ravensberg, Koppert

EU Plant Protection Regulatory Issues

Nick Mole, Policy Officer, Pesticide Action Network

The Maturing Biocontrol Industry and its Role in the true Green Revolution

Innovative Technologies – Products & Services

Professor Keith G Davies, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

The Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes using Pasteuria: Prospects and Progress

Dr Nayem Hassan, MD, Russell IPM

Novel Product Solution for Fruit Fly Control

Felicity Lenyk, Product and market manager, Eden

Sustaine: A Novel Microencapsulation Technology

Innovative Formulations & Applications

Dr David Calvert, Co-founder  Director, iFormulate td

Improve Biopesticide Performance through Formulation Science and Technology

Dr Minshad Ansari, Founder & CEO, Bionema Ltd

Biopesticide Application: Theory, Practice and Problems

Dr Belinda Luke, Principal Scientist, Biopesticides team, CABI

Biopesticides Research at CABI

Praharaju Laxminarayana, MD, A.G. Bio Systems Ltd

Status and future trends of Mycoherbicide use an Indian perspective

Industry, Academia, Investors & Government - Working Together

Heather Myers, Director of South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce

Chris Danks, Transfer Network, Innovate UK

Knowledge Transfer Network, Innovate UK

Dr Phillipa Pearson, Head of Water Services Science, Welsh Water

PestSmart: Working Collaboratively to Safeguard Drinking Water Quality

Dr Ruth Bastow, Innovation Director, CHAP

Developing Collaborative R&D in Crop Health and Protection

Phil Lewis, Agricultural Manager, Barclays Bank

The Role of Commercial Banks in Supporting Businesses

Steve Edgington, Principal Nematologist, CABI

CABI Biopesticides Portal

Professor Andrew R Barron, Chair of Low Carbon Energy & Environment, Swansea University, and Founder of the Energy Safety Research Institute

Biggest CO2 emitter in Wales and their impact on Agro and BioChem industry

Case Studies - Cross Sectors

Ant Surrage, Technical Development Specialist, Fargro

Data Driven Decision Making for Biopesticide Use

Phillip Chiverton, Golf Course & Estate Manager, The Gove

Case Study: NemaTrident, a Tri-Component Nematode Solution to Control Soil Pests

Neil Cockburn, Grower, Pennoxtone Court, Hereford, UK

Closing remarks