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The Biopesticide Summit is the annual meeting of the BioProtection Forum. The 2nd Biopesticide Summit will be held in May 2020 in a central UK location.

Co-hosted by Swansea University and Bionema Ltd, the inaugural Biopesticides Summit was attended by more than 200 international experts. The event was notable for its high calibre of speakers and participants, representing the private and public sectors, academia, regulatory bodies and policy makers.


Details of the 2nd Biopesticide Summit will be available in September – don’t miss your opportunity to attend this distinctive event, which connects key players in the biocontrol sector with a view to encouraging collaboration in R&D, investment and commercialisation.

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Biopesticide Summit 2020 will:

  • Cover the global challenges facing the biocontrol industry
  • Examine new tools and methods being used to accelerate R&D
  • Consider how innovative technologies, novel formulations and application strategies can be used to deliver better formulated products for greater efficacy
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities for investment and commercialisation
  • Bring together academia, industry and investors to encourage collaboration

Benefits of attending:

  • B2 Matchmaking meetings with any of our collaborators in order to share ideas, products, form relationships or get any advice you need, in collaboration with EEN.
  • Gain research and excellent development guidance from expert speakers.
  • Learn about the new methodologies being pursued in the discovery of new biopesticide formulations and delivery methods.
  • Discover how advanced technologies and formulations benefit food security, human health and the environment.

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