Join us for the 2021 virtual Biopesticide Summit on 6th July!

It was with great sadness that we had to cancel the 2020 Biopesticide Summit due to the global COVID pandemic. We will be holding a virtual event on 6th July 2021 and plan to return with a full in-person event in 2022. 

The virtual Summit will focus on regulatory challenges, and calls for reform to create a regulatory environment that nurtures and supports the bioprotection sector.

The Summit is the General Annual Meeting of the World BioProtection Forum and it's members.

Why Should I Attend?

During the COVID pandemic, our sector has been impacted by restrictions on practical research and funding, which have only added to pre-existing obstacles of regulatory hurdles, commercial uptake and formulation challenges. The WBF continues to stand for encouraging collaboration between the biocontrol industry, academia and public sector in the AgriTech sector. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the UK Government’s recent declaration of support for science and technology by pushing for regulatory reform in Britain.

  • Bring together leading innovators and researchers in the biocontrol industry.
  • Bring together academia, industry and investors to encourage collaboration.
  • Confront the regulatory challenges facing the biocontrol industry.
  • Consider how the approvals process for new bioprotection products could be improved to provide a supportive, nurturing environment for innovators in this sector.
  • Hear a panel of leading experts discuss challenges and opportunities.
  • Join us and be part of the solution!

The 2019 Biopesticides Summit & Awards was attended by more than 250 international experts from the private and public sectors, academia, regulatory bodies and policy makers.

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